Use Digital Signage to Reopen Safely

Use Digital Signage to Re-Open Your Business Safely

Life is getting back to the new normal. With that news, companies need to be able to re-open safely and successfully and safely. The main priority is to keep everyone healthy and safe when they enter your business.

Aside from the additional sanitization of stations, using digital signage is a key to success. Being able to communicate with your customers without having to physically hand them anything or deal with the shipping delays for your posters will help the process go smoothly. QR codes have become one of the most accessible tools to use when running your business (Matthews).

“By going digital, staff can attract people into their store with digital signage with messaging around the store’s commitment to safety measures, a letter from the CEO or manager, or a promotion taking place. Such visual messaging can help educate and guide customers upon entrance.”- Bobby Marhamat

This is a major key to reopening safely and effectively. Keeping your customers informed but also staying on brand and making it your own. Instead of just having the “rules” on the digital boards, using it to comfort and show the larger picture as to why the rules are in place.

Transparency and communication are vital. With the right messages about reopening, you can ease stress and minimize any distractions or disruptions that come up. As well as keeping everyone safe and healthy in your business.

Our post pandemic world is going to look different with distancing and caution being the new normal. You can use Neon to keep your store a safe space for employees and customers alike.