Simple Digital Signage for Airports & Airport Lounges.

Use digital signage software to deliver meaningful messages that highlight flight information, promote loyalty program benefits, and celebrate your members in airport lounges.

airport lounge tvs

Share announcements with lounge members.

Visually communicate important promotions and content that is interactive and educational.

Reduce signage costs & eliminate labor hours.

Eliminate printed banners & fliers, and the associated labor cost & errors during install.

Use video to engage and captivate your guests.

63% of customers remember image and video content using digital signage.

pharmacy waiting room digital signage

Custom messaging made simple

Whether you’re providing updates during boarding, highlighting loyalty program benefits, or informing customers of gate changes, we make signage simple. Upgrade your TVs and digital displays into effective marketing tools that educate customers, drive revenue and help you cross-sell high margin products and services.

airport terminal tv

Convert your TVs into information boards.

Display prices, service offerings, and promotions with engaging designs in real-time, to help reduce perceived wait times in lounges.

couple watching airport tv

Increase loyalty program memberships.

Highlight important promotions and limited-time offers to improve customer loyalty and increase membership.

airport lounge tvs

Entertain & educate with Neon Channels.

Stream 140+ content channels to entertain and educate your customers - while keeping your services top of mind.

Trusted on over 7,500 screens.

We take pride in providing you with the best experience. All these businesses can't be wrong for choosing Neon's powerful digital signage software solutions.

Try Neon

Simple pricing at $35 per month per screen.

Neon's digital signage software is month-to-month and affordable. Don't get locked up in long term contracts - with Neon you can cancel anytime, with no fees.

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