Simple Digital Signage for Banks & Financial Groups.

Neon's digital signage software helps you educate every member that comes through your doors about mortgage options, small business loans, and credit cards - plus you can recognize and highlight employee success.
Neon leads in-branch signage and engagement for Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions.

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Reduce signage costs & eliminate labor hours.

Eliminate printed banners & sheets along with the associated labor cost & errors.

Increase engagement with featured promotions.

Over 19% of visitors actively engage with offers that are promoted digitally in lobbies.

Use videos to captivate & grab member attention.

Static banners are boring, 63% of guests remember video content on digital signage.

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Dynamic messaging made simple

Your offers and services can change constantly, so your signage should, too. Instantly update current loan, mortgage, and credit card rates, while also promoting new e-services such as apps, online banking, and other core products that can benefit your guests.

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Special Offers Messaging

Showcase new offers and products such as mortgage options, small business loans, and credit cards - while also highlighting customer stories and testimonials.

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Employee Communications

Use digital signage to inform your workforce of upcoming appointment times, reinforce company values, recognize top performers, and share reminders about current promotions.

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Lobby Experience

Access Neon's extensive content library to stream engaging and relevant channels without the cable bill. Entertain your guests through a managed branded experience.

Enjoy the confidence of full-service support.

Neon offers robust installation and support capabilities, remote monitoring for network health, and an in-house service desk for swift response to any issues. Our team is ready and available to help you with graphics, design, updates, installation and training.

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Trusted on over 7,500 screens.

We take pride in providing you with the best experience. All these businesses can't be wrong for choosing Neon.

Try Neon

Simple pricing at $35 per month per screen.

Neon's digital signage software is month-to-month and affordable. Don't get locked up in long term contracts - with Neon you can cancel anytime, with no fees.

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