How Neon Works

Neon's digital signage software is simple, powerful and beautiful.

Neon was designed with simplicity in mind.  Neon transforms everyday screens into powerful digital signage solutions for businesses.

Neon's easy-to-use digital signage software platform lets users upload image and video content, create customized playlists, schedule content publications, and manage your digital signage from anywhere!

Using popular SmartTVs, Chromecast, FireStick and Apple TV hardware, you can download Neon Screens from the Google, Amazon and Apple App Stores to easily manage your digital signage on any screen.

Once you connect your streaming hardare device to a secure WiFi network, you can start uploading incredible content - even from your mobile phone! Whether you have one screen or one thousand, you have complete control of your content and digital signage.

Neon Digital Signage Is Easy To Setup

Neon's features are catered to serve all business sizes and industries - providing the highest performing, personalized experience possible. Some of Neon's most popular features include:

  • Scheduling: Schedule when your priority content is displayed by day and time, or update it instantly.
  • Free Content Library: We have a HUGE database of licensed content, including entertainment across sports, travel, health, food, comedy, and more.
  • User Roles and Permissions: Fully customized access levels for specified content and screens across all members of your team.
  • Local Backup: Store content locally on each hardware device to reduce WiFi bandwidth and ensure reliable backup options.
  • Security: Top-notch security protocols keep all your files, data, and content as secure as possible. Neon has many more features designed to make your digital signage experience easy and effective, using the best technology possible.

Reach out today for a demo on how your business can upgrade its digital signage needs.