3 Reasons Automotive Companies Should Use Digital Signage

How Automotive Dealerships & Repair Shops Can Use Digital Signage

The automotive industry is innovating every day and embracing digital signage to modernize its marketing and operations. Old print posters and static signs don’t cut it anymore in the tech-savvy world we live in today. Creating a wow factor in the showroom enhances the experience for the customer.

You are able to customize what you put on screens and how long it is is displayed. Show upcoming promotions and a full listing of menu items - all while you’re customers are in the waiting room. (Worrall)

The potential for digital signage to enhance the customer experience is limitless. The 3 key things below are just the tip of the iceberg for how you can effectively use digital signage in your dealership, repair shop or specialty automotive store.

Syncronize Multi-Location Promotions: Instead of needing to design, print, ship, and HOPE that each location puts up promotional banners - you can use digital signage solutions to promote your marketing in an instant. Using a remote dashboard, you can control the content on screens in each location. Have the digital posters up in time for the events and know that they are on brand too. (Reasons Why Your Business Might Need Digital Signage)

Effective Customer Outreach: Engage with your customers on another level. In today's technology world, our eyes are drawn to screens. You can now engage with customers by asking for feedback or subscribing to your loyalty program all with a few simple commands on your screen. And, you can upsell or promote a certain product you want your customers to know about in a beautiful, engaging format.

Improve Staff Communications: Light up your break rooms with sales updates and safety reminders for your staff.  Using digital signage, you can make sure your staff knows how to navigate new promotions and workplace protocols to ensure top-notch operations.

Digital signage is key to the success of the automotive industry. Dealers and shops that innovate and use digital signage strategies are able to connect with customers more effectively.

The world of marketing and promotions is ever changing and this is the next step in the technological advances. Make your company stand out more with creative and innovative digital signage.