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Finally, a digital signage solution that's both powerful and easy to use. Create engaging customer experiences on your digital displays. And have a delightful time doing it.

Neon digital signage screens and weather widgets and news widget

Neon Powers 7,000+ Screens

Update content on all of your screens.

Whether you have 1 screen or 100,000 screens, we’ve got you covered. Manage and monitor your screens with ease using Neon's powerful digital display software.

Monitor Every Screen

Monitor performance & analytics of each display - including power on/off, currently streaming content and remote reboots.

Update Content in 3 Clicks

From your phone or laptop, update content on any screen or group of screens in 3 clicks or less.
Yes, it's that easy!

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digital signage widgets for news, weather and entertainment

Engage with content that captivates and activates.

Neon’s easy-to-use content management system lets you customize images, videos, presentations, and graphics in your digital display dashboard.

Upload Images and Videos

Upload JPEG, PNG, MP4, MOV or any graphic file to create engaging playlists.

Use Neon's Widget Library

Choose from a library of 60+ news, video and entertainment widgets to showcase engaging and entertaining content.

A system that your team loves to use.

Gone are the days of complicated systems that take hours to manage and update. Neon's digital display software simplifies your signage processes - because we know you're busy.

Easy 3-minute Setup

Plug your device into the TV's HDMI port, connect to Wi-Fi and publish content in seconds.

Team Access & Permissions

Add users from your team to your account, and control their access & permissions.

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Cloud based digital signage to simplify your work.

Cloud based digital signage

Our plug-and-play platform helps your activate screens in minutes. Whether you have 1 screen or 100,000 screens, we’ve got you covered.

User permissions & roles

Add multiple users to your dashboard and set access permissions by rights, locations, screens and content - giving you full control of who does what on your team.

24/7 support services

From graphic creation to content updates to signage management, our support team is an extension of your team and is available to help.

Local backup

Content is stored locally on each device to reduce Wi-Fi bandwidth streaming and ensure smooth playback. Your screens will always be full of rich, personalized content.

3-tier network security

Built-in security controls and protocols help unlock content, while keeping your network fully secure.

Enjoy the confidence of full-service support.

Neon offers robust installation and support capabilities, remote monitoring for network health, and an in-house service desk for swift response to any issues. Our team is ready and available to help you with graphics, designs, updates, installation and training.

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patient waiting rooms digital sigange

Your screens can do so much more on Neon's digital signage software.

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