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Only $25/month!

Get the simplest & most powerful digital signage solution on the market for $25 per month per screen.
Never worry about overages, contracts, storage limits, feature restrictions or additional fees.

Unlimited Locations and Screens

Add as many screens and locations to your account, for only $25/screen.

Unlimited Storage

Add videos and images without worrying about storage limits or overages.

Admin Features, Widgets & Channels

Stop comparing feature tables to find what is included in your package and what isn't. We have it all.

Don't trust signage providers that force you into confusing contracts to use their service.

Everything is included in one simple and affordable rate.

Unlimited Screens

Easily add more screens to your network as your operation grows, and manage it all from a single dashboard.

Unlimited Storage

Upload images and videos without worrying about storage caps or overage charges.

Unlimited Updates

Instantly update content on any screen and set unlimited publication schedules for each display.

Widget Apps

Access weather, entertainment, news, Google Slides, YouTube and much more on your screens, from our huge selection of widgets and integrations.

Content Channels

Stop paying for cable to entertain your customers and staff. Ditch those bills by choosing from over 140+ content channels available on Neon.

Unlimited Support

From graphic creation to content updates and signage management, our support team is an extension of your team and is available to help.

We take pride in providing you with the best customer experience. All these businesses can't be wrong for choosing Neon.

Dessert Queen


"I love how quick Neon is to update display content - and it looks great! We always see an uptick in sales when we advertise a special or item on our screens."

5 stars

Independence Chamber


“The Neon Dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. I can quickly update content on all of my screens in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the Neon team is very responsive and has great customer support - they seem to work 24 hours to respond immediately.”

5 stars



“Digital menu boards are an important part of our restaurant business. Not only can we update pricing and menu items in real-time but we can create stunning visuals to keep our customers entertained."​

5 stars



“We chose Neon because we needed to easily update local menu items and special offers in a way that resonates with our customers. Neon helped us create beautiful local content that we could update in seconds."

5 stars

One Community


“Neon is the exact solution we have been looking for in our offices. We don’t have to wait for our content to play after long 3rd party advertisements like other systems. Neon gives us 100% control of our messages to our customers.“

5 stars

ARC Centers


“I can’t believe how easy this was. I expect to jump in deeper with Neon and add more screens to my account very soon."

5 stars

Abbington Manor


“I am a big supporter of Neon. Having spent a couple of hours with your team, it is good to know that the team is as good if not better than the product itself."

5 stars

St. Monica's


“Controlling our content is easy with Neon. We can play different images and videos on each screen and update our playlists each week with new events and resident information."

5 stars

Frequently asked questions

Are there any hardware fees?

Yes. There is a one time fee to purchase a Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick. You can purchase it directly from any retail outlet or we can purchase it on your behalf and ship it to your locations.

If you have a Fire TV or Android TV, you do not need any additional hardware and can install Neon directly on your TV.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. You can create a Neon account and download the app free of charge for 14 days to explore all our awesome features.

We do not ship hardware devices for trial accounts.

How can I pay for Neon?

Neon payments are automatically processed monthly through a payment processing system called Stripe. It appears on your bank statement as

Do non-profits get a discount?

Yes. Non-profit and educational organizations receive a 10% discount.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Neon is a monthly service and we never force you ro sign a contract. You can cancel your service at any time, no questions asked, and no penalty fees.

Do you offer email support?

Yes. We take pride in the level of support we provide our clients through email, chat or phone.
Depending on your needs, your account manager will provide the best form of assistance.