Simple Digital Signage for Grocery Stores.

Neon offers the best digital signage software to promote items you want customers to notice.
Whether your goal is to increase produce sales, engage with your shoppers on your app, or learn about new loyalty program offers, Neon displays the messaging that’s right for your store.

grocery store specials digital signage

Reduce signage costs & eliminate labor hours.

Eliminate printed banners & sheets along with the associated labor cost & errors.

Increase engagement with featured promos & specials.

Over 19% of visitors engaged with digital promotions displayed in stores.

Use videos to captivate & grab their attention.

Static banners are boring, 63% of guests remember video content on digital signage.

grocery store produce digital signage

Dynamic messaging made simple

Your offers and services can change constantly, so your signage should, too. Instantly update current offers, promotions, price sheets and employee messaging from a single, easy to use dashboard, in any of your locations.

grocery store checkout stand digital signage

Checkout Signage

Grab shoppers' attention and trigger impulsive purchases at checkout lanes. Increase revenue by up to 19% using impactful point-of-sale promotions and coupons.

grocery store aisle digital signage

Store Aisle Signage

Point customers in the right direction while showcasing your limited and new items, at the same time. Digital wayfinding directs your customers to sales and promotions with ease.

grocery store deli digital menu board

Digital Menu Boards

Schedule dynamic digital menus to change between breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours - your digital signage can promote different items, prices, images and offerings automatically.

Trusted on over 7,500 screens.

We take pride in providing you with the best experience. All these businesses can't be wrong for choosing Neon's powerful digital signage software solutions.

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Simple pricing at $35 per month per screen.

Neon's digital signage software is month-to-month and affordable. Don't get locked up in long term contracts - with Neon you can cancel anytime, with no fees.

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