Simple Digital Signage for Dealerships & Auto Shops.

Use digital signage software to deliver meaningful messages that drive sales, boost revenue, and maximize the ROI of every customer in your dealership, repair or auto shop.

automotive car dealership waiting room digital signage

Reduce signage costs & eliminate labor hours.

Eliminate printed banners & fliers along with the associated labor cost & errors.

Share announcements with customers and staff.

Visually communicate internal content that is interactive, engaging and educational.

SOC II Security your network can rely on.

Keep your network and data safe with industry-leading security & monitoring.

car dealership digital signage

Dynamic messaging made simple

Whether you’re an auto repair shop or a car dealership, upselling your customers is easier than you think. From your showroom to your service area, waiting room TVs and digital dispalys can be converted into effective marketing tools that educate customers, drive revenue and help you cross-sell high-margin products and services.

car service digital signage

Convert your TVs into digital price boards.

Display prices, service offerings, and promotions on engaging menu boards that inform customers at the point-of-sale - along with real-time updates of wait times and price changes.

car dealership digital signage

Increase revenue with featured promotions.

From information booths to waiting room screens and everything in between, manage every screen in all locations from one cloud-based dashboard.

car dealership digital signage

Entertain & educate with Neon Channels.

Stream 140+ content channels to entertain and educate your customers - while keeping your services top of mind - by building entertainment + education breaks between your content.

Simplicity from the start.

Neon's digital display software is simple to use by any member of your team.

chromecast HDMI setup

Connect your device in 3 minutes of less.

Plug the player into your TV's HDMI input and connect to Wi-Fi to convert your TV into digital signage.

neon digital signage software dashboard

Remotely update content from a single dashboard.

Publish images & videos in real-time to individual displays or groups of screens from a central dashboard, wherever you might be.

neon digital signage software dashboard

Monitor performance & analytics of every display.

Track uptime, power-on & power-off while receiving alerts for connectivity & performance. Remotely fix, reboot & erase.

Enjoy the confidence of full-service support.

Neon offers robust installation and support capabilities, remote monitoring for network health, and an in-house service desk for swift response to any issues. Our team is ready and available to help you with graphics, design, updates, installation and training.

digital signage support

Trusted on over 7,500 screens.

We take pride in providing you with the best experience. All these businesses can't be wrong for choosing Neon's powerful digital signage software solutions.

Try Neon

Simple pricing at $35 per month per screen.

Neon's digital signage software is month-to-month and affordable. Don't get locked up in long term contracts - with Neon you can cancel anytime, with no fees.

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