Powerful Digital Display Software Solutions

Neon's enterprise-level features and advanced scalability were designed to support and simplify your solutions.
Neon gives you access to digital display software that bring your screens to life.

Manage every screen from a single dashboard using cloud based digital signage.

Whether you have 1  or 100,000 screens, Neon gives you the tools to manage and monitor your entire digitial signage network from your laptop or phone.

neon digital signage dashboard computer

Easy Setup & Installation

Neon is available on Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Android TV, Roku, and most Smart TVs - making it easy to install and launch your screens.

Group Screens & Locations

Organize your screens by location and groups to provide more control on how you manage, update and monitor your digital display network on Neon's dashboard.

Health & Connectivity

See the status of all your devices at a glance. Check internet connectivity and take screenshots of what's playing on any screen.

digital menu boards restaurant signage

Upload & update content instantly on any digital screen.

Neon's cloud based digital signage allows you to create, upload and schedule personalized images and videos, or use a wide selection of Neon widgets and media channels.

Images, Videos & Widgets

Upload your own images & videos or choose from 60+ Neon widgets including weather, news, entertainment Google Slides, and live website feeds.

Create & Publish Playlists

Create engaging playlists from images, videos and apps. Split content on the screen into multiple zones to showcase your ideal messaging formats.

Schedule by Date & Time

Schedule your content for different times of day, days of the week, or for special events. Create instant promotions and alert messaging.

Enterprise level control for permissions & security.

SOC 2 TYPE 2 Certification proves we maintain the highest level of data security processes and protocols.

digital menu boards grocery deli counter signage

Team Member Access

User roles and content approval workflows let any employee - no matter how big your organization - contribute content.

World-Class Security

We ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data with industry best practices with 3 tiers of security and SOC 2 certification.

Works Online or Offline

Your screens will never go down, even if the internet is disconnected.
Content is updated via WiFi & stored on the device for continuous play.

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5-star rated support

Our Support team helps with troubleshooting and improves our products based on your feedback.

Graphic Creation

Our dedicated graphic design team will help you create unlimited graphics, images, and custom content for your digital signage network.
*Does not include filming and photography.

Signage Management

Our operations team will fully manage your digital signage network including performance monitoring, content updates and monthly reporting - so you can focus on your business and let Neon manage your signage.

Support Center

The Support Center provides a comprehensive library of helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you tackle any issues that may pop up.
Access videos and images to guide you with all your needs.

We take pride in providing you with the best digital signage experience. All these businesses can't be wrong for choosing Neon.

dessert queen logo

Dessert Queen


"I love how quick Neon is to update display content - and it looks great! We always see an uptick in sales when we advertise a special or item on our screens."

5 stars
independence chamber logo

Independence Chamber


"The Neon Dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. I can quickly update content on all of my screens in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the Neon team is very responsive and has great customer support - they seem to work 24 hours to respond immediately."

chompies logo



“Digital menu boards are an important part of our restaurant business. Not only can we update pricing and menu items in real-time but we can create stunning visuals to keep our customers entertained."​

hooters logo

Hooters AZ


“We chose Neon because we needed to easily update local menu items and special offers in a way that resonates with our customers. Neon helped us create beautiful local content that we could update in seconds."

One community health logo

One Community


“Neon is the exact solution we have been looking for in our offices. We don’t have to wait for our content to play after long 3rd party advertisements like other systems. Neon gives us 100% control of our messages to our customers.“

addiction recovery center logo

ARC Centers


“I can’t believe how easy this was. I expect to jump in deeper with Neon and add more screens to my account very soon.“

abbington manor logo

Abbington Manor


“I am a big supporter of Neon. Having spent a couple of hours with your team, it is good to know that the team is as good if not better than the product itself.“

st marys senior living logo

St. Monica's


“Controlling our content is easy with Neon. We can play different images and videos on each screen and update our playlists each week with new events and resident information.“