Say "Hello" to Digital Signage with Neon

Meet Neon! We transform everyday screens into beautiful digital signage.

We all remember the buzz of an old neon sign. Those shining neon lights caught your attention wherever you walked - in bars, restaurants, and even in home basements. They caught your attention. They directed you to where you needed to go. And they promoted a brand or lifestyle you wanted to experience.  

Since the days of neon signs, business began using fliers, banners and billboards to customize their brand message. And today, we are still seeing the same old banners around. But these banners take hours to design, order, print, ship, arrive, and FINALLY put them up...just to take them back down when the promotion ends or the colors start to fade.

We’re Neon and we are here to help bring a new and simpler solution to signage. Neon Screens was built with a simple mission to transform TV screens into powerful digital signage solutions for businesses. While the Neon name might be new, our team brings decades of digital signage software, marketing and operations experience to build game-changing solutions for our customers.

Neon’s executive team has a track-record of building and scaling digital solutions that transform businesses. Neon has worked with thousands of businesses in nearly every industry to build personalized digital signage solutions that fit their needs. Our team has won numerous awards including Arizona Central's 30 under 30 and ACA Innovation Challenge, with over 20 years combined of technology and startup experience. Starting their partnership in 2018, founders Eli and Steve have created a new and innovative solution in Neon that can be used for a variety of businesses.

Expanding entertainment displays into an interactive, customized digital signage solution has never been easier. Neon helps to transform TV’s into your own personalized experience. Run your promotions, events, special offers, price changes, and more all from one simple remote dashboard within seconds. It’s easy to set up and quick to make changes. No more costly prints needed when you can run your own banners virtually using Neon. Interact with your customers on another level and make sure they are informed.

Neon is built to serve the digital signage needs of restaurants, schools, automotive, hospitality, health facilities, and so much more. We look forward to welcoming you to the Neon family and transforming your screens into powerful signage solutions for your business.