Healthcare Industry Evolves With Digital Signage

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Helping Healthcare Professionals Through Digital Signage

Patient care is priority #1 in any medical office – for people of all ages and even our four-legged friends. But prioritizing patient care on top of day-to-day office operations can be stressful for healthcare professionals. While doctors focus on patient care, healthcare teams can use digital signage as an easy, cost-effective method to improve communications with patients and staff.

In the healthcare industry, digital signage has been shown to drastically improve waiting room experiences, patient education, and marketing promotion of available services.

“Placing digital screens which include queue-management information such as estimated waiting times in waiting areas can help lower anxiety, alleviate frustration and reduce the perceived wait time by as much as 35 percent.”– David Maister & Digital Signage Today

Medical offices can ditch their expensive cable or satellite bills and develop personalized digital content channels to play calming nature videos or display entertainment for children – all without those annoying ads.

Additionally, doctors can inform patients of important safety and health guidelines on their displays to increase patient education while they wait. Whether that’s new COVID-19 procedures, reminders for checkups, or more information on common procedures, digital screens can display critical insights for patient well-being.

Neon Screens Waiting Room

Finally, medical professionals can leverage digital signage solutions to promote their own services and brand.

  • Highlight new products or procedures that can enhance patient well-being.
  • Promote underutilized health screenings or services that can benefit your customers.
  • Remind patients to schedule their next checkup before they leave your office.

Healthcare professionals can market your business and promote your brand using powerful digital signage tools.

Neon Screens is very easy to use and set up. Setup a demo with Neon today to start building your digital signage strategy!

Neon Screens Waiting Room