Digital Signage Solutions for Schools

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Schools Use Digital Signage for Important Safety Updates

As universities, schools, and campuses are safely re-opening across the country, educators are looking for personalized solutions to support faculty, staff, students and parents. Educators have an opportunity to embrace new technologies like digital signage to develop a modern, stimulating and supportive environment.

Using today’s digital signage technology, students and faculty can learn, work, recognize and support the environment around them. Administrators have the ability to collect feedback from students, faculty and parents to ensure their community is heard.

Not only can digital signage increase awareness but it can also increase engagement. Announce important meetings and events. Celebrate the teacher of the week. Ensure upcoming events are recognized. Remind students their campus cares about their needs. The possibilities are endless with access to your own personalized digital signage network.

“Your educational institution has to embrace digital signage in order to become a modern, stimulating environment in which to learn, work and reach out to the wider community. Literally, digital signage will change the way in which your educational institution is perceived.” Daniel Waldron, Digital Signage Today

Some of the many benefits of digital signage are cost savings from printed fliers, real-time recognition, easy-to-update announcements, and easier access to provide emotional support.

Over the entire lifespan of a digital screen, campuses stand to save thousands of pounds of paper and printer toner. While you are saving money on print materials, your students are interacting with your screens without even knowing it.

By having celebratory announcements rotating on your screens, students tend to work harder to get the notice. Recognition and stories are a great tool to connect your students and staff.

Additionally, schools can use digital signage to inform staff and students in emergency situations. Simply update a banner on your dashboard to create emergency notifications.

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Finally, letting students know they have support in these transitional times is vital. There are so many students who don’t know how to manage stressful situations at home or school. Neon can help educators reinforce support resources and help for students and staff, in need.

Digital signage is transforming the education industry. Reach out to Neon Screens today to see how your campus can embrace powerful signage solutions to support faculty, staff and students.